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University Progress and David Miliband!

Hello everyone!

The autumn is coming on slowly and it really makes me long for Christmas! Not only for the holiday and all the amazing things I’ve planned, but also just for the feeling in general. Cold mornings and evenings, early darkness, all the christmas light and musik around and the general environment and feelings… amazing!

David Miliband, brother of Ed Miliband, leader of the opposition, is on a tour around universities and his first stop was at our university. He held a Q&A session/discussion thing the other week at the University of Kent. I’ve seen an English “famous” person now! Hahaha. It was very interesting though, and I’ve never seen the lecture theatre so full!

I have so much to do right now, only just finished a policy report, and a progress report and my next essay is due on Tuesday – aaaah! I haven’t even started, which is quiet bad. Then I also have a supervision thing on Monday which is supposed to be like a practice exam so I have to study for that too, otherwise there’s not point! And then the dissertation as well, at some point…. So I am a little stressed, and yet the reading week has already been!

The reading week was nice though, despite that I didn’t get much done, Paul did come for a surprise visit which was sweet. We had Indian food one night, and went out to celebrate Charlotte’s Birthday at the Harvester. I did buy a desk lamp as well, but the 47 p bulbs I bought for it have already broken (both!) and I’ve used them for 3 days… terrible. I’ll try buying a little better quality next time, otherwise it might be the lamp – which was also really cheap…

I have been thinking more about Masters and there are so many good ones around!

My top five are (but then there are 6 additional ones, but they are not as interesting):

  • International Humanitarian Action – (2 years) Uppsala
  • International Development and Management – (2 years) Lund
  • Peace and Development Work – (1 year) Växjö
  • Sjuksköterskeprogrammet (Kandidat) – (3 years) Stockholm RKH
  • Krishantering och fredsbyggande – (2 years) Umeå

Anyway, time to go bed! Newly made too :)




2 thoughts on “University Progress and David Miliband!

    1. Haha ja, de har rätt nice program där :) Det blir ju till hösten isåfall, fast måste välja 1 :(. Jag måste läsa lite mer och sedan får jag se vart jag kommer in antar jag utefter mina prioriteringar. :D Uppsala är väl nummer 1 fortfarande för location location (! lol) och så också men iaf :D Lund is up there ;)

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