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Left Powerless in the Face of Malaria

It is finished! Finally! My dissertation is handed in, and unfortunately not marked yet haha. I always want my grade the second I’ve handed it in. Four weeks always seem like such a long time to wait for results, even though it isn’t. But now spring term is over and the only thing left is four dreadful exams in three weeks.

My dissertation was “only” 8,000 words. I had thought it would be longer, and I wish it had been because I know I could have written a lot more, word limitations isn’t really my thing but it’s probably for the better! I have been focusing on the neoliberal ideology and its effect on malaria prevention (and health), which is so interesting, frustrating, neglected, and so on. I wish it would have been more of a continuous experience rather than have to battle with it next to other essays, seminar readings, in-class exams and similar. It was really stressful, but still so much fun. Being allowed to focus on a topic of your choice is always fun and gives you more freedom and control over your studies. I’m really happy I did it and proud over my piece, even though it might be torn to threads for being poor in its justification and defence or generally just not good enough, but I don’t believe it should be that bad. With the final title of Left Powerless in the Face of Malaria: Contradictions to Disease Prevention and Health Underlying Neoliberal Policies and Programmes in Africa in the late 20th Century, at least it sounds professional.

I haven’t written a post for almost half a year, which is pretty bad but well… that’s life. I have written four to five different post that I have never finished or published and now they are all out of date anyway. But anyway! This post will most likely be a very long post where I ramble about a lot of things, important and unimportant alike.

This term I have managed to fit in around 70 hours of volunteering already, and therefore I have then decided to attempt to achieve a KSCV Gold Award (Kent Student Certificate of Volunteering). To complete it I have to do two courses (which I managed to do the other day), one 750 word reflection, a 20 minute review, and some additional 30 hours of voluteering to fit in around my exam revision (amounting to a total of 100+ hours). I just hope I have enough time to do it whilst still doing my revision and surviving! The deadline for that is the 10th of May. =) I really enjoy the volunteering though; I have a position as a teaching assistant with the Kent Refugee Action Network and their school activities here in Canterbury. It’s loads of fun and I’ve met really nice people. Volunteering simply gets you in a good mood and for this position in particular you are constantly reminded how extremely difficult it is to explain certain words, meanings, math examples, and such things in English in a simplistic yet accurate and helpful way. It’s a skill.

I have been thinking of writing a more educational/informative post or review as well, after I have rambled on in this one. I don’t really have any particular topics in mind though so please leave requests on stuff if you have any ideas. Otherwise I will probably do a game review of a game I’ve been or am currently playing. That’s my way of trying to relax and unwind after a hectic university period… and swimming. Swimming is awesome.
I know I want to write a little about the latest book I’m reading, but I will wait until I have actually finished it. Or at least until I’m further than I am. Sooo… for a game review of your choice – Vote and/or add your own choices to inform me!

I have also signed up with Flickr and it is linked on the home/front page of this blog so if I post photos you can see them there and I will link them as well in my posts! You can also see new “latest” photos on the blog front page, it won’t just be thematic ones but also all everyday life photos if I want any uploaded will be there (or on Facebook). It will make the home page a little more personal I hope (and possibly up to date despite that my posts aren’t always). I am more likely to keep up posts than Flickr though, so we’ll see how we get on with that… and yes we always talk about ourselves in plural, what of it?

I have also got twitter but is not majorly active there, mainly because I have no phone which can use twitter conveniently without charging me loads. I will attempt to understand it too, but I feel really behind with all these new social media and stuff. I really admire those who keep up and do all these amazing stuff like vlogging and daily booth and stuff. You are cool. x) Not that I have to follow with all the trends, but as I follow no other trends and internet was always my thing, I feel like now I’m left with nothing. I’m not doing enough internet stuff or keeping up to date with the latest technology trends to even be cool in the nerdy way.

On another note! I have only just booked my return trip to the UK with my mum. I am coming back for my Graduation Ceremony on July 10 in Canterbury Cathedral. My mum, sister, and grandma are coming and we’ll spend 4 days in Canterbury and 3 days in London which will be awesome! (Empty bank account though!!) Yay! And once I am back from this trip and have put all of England and University of Kent behind me I am starting university in Sweden. So in September, I start a one-year master’s course at the Linnéuniversitetet in Peace- and Development Work in Växjö, which I’m really looking forward too! Bit close to home maybe but I’m sure I can get used to that! Will be nice to get a new fresh start, see new views, things to do, people to meet, and old friends to bug. Epic!

I did do a spell check of this post earlier, and what I found was … weird .. or hilarious or worrying. They have marked words like “currently”, “achieve”, “additional”, and “position” as being too complex expressions. Does blogging really have to involve the most simplest of terms and dumb down the information, the writers, and the readers? Should we not encourage people to use a bit more advanced vocabulary than “now”, “place”, “do”, “make”, “extra”? Oh well… I never quite understand society today.

If you want some interesting/important/fun/awesome reading you should check out Holtza’s (English) or Malin’s blog (Swedish). They both have really interesting post but very different in approach and how they write too. It’s refreshing! ^-^

Now, I’m going to go and fix the financial crisis in Anno 2070. Until next time!



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