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The Elder Scrolls Online and the Month of May

It was announced today that The Elder Scrolls Online is coming out in 2013. An MMORPG based on the world of Tamriel, including Skryim, Hammerfell, Morrowind, Cyrodiil etc. It would be brilliant! Such games are usually likely to be a let down as you have many limitations to such a game, yet the high expectations to follow the good experience and reputation of the franchise. Yet, I will remain positive and overly excited about the whole thing because to me, that is epic news, and some flaws don’t necessarily bug me that much – of course it all depends on what the flaws are.
Check out the announcement here: ‘June Cover Revealed: The Elder Scrolls Online‘ and then follow the news for the rest of the month and the June edition of GameInformer. There is also going to be some screenshots and a small teaser trailer out as well (watch it here).


Other than that, the month of May is here and I don’t know if I like it. It means summer is here soon, which is awesome. But it also means I have left it too long to start studying for my exams and that they will soon be upon me. Unfortunately, even if I am not prepared,. I think most of us in the final year simply went into hibernation after all the final coursework (especially the dissertation) at the end of the spring term. I’m definitely among those who are still trying to find the last motivation and energy needed for exams. Then again, I don’t really feel inspired to make an effort because I always do poorly in exams and feel slightly disadvantaged that half of your mark which is meant to be “based on what you have done throughout the whole year” yet is being pushed into a matter of luck and a 2 hour period which cannot truly show everything you’ve learned or all the research you actually did at the time. They will pull my grade down regardless because I will not be able to get firsts, so as long as do slightly better than a pass then I should be able to maintain a 2:1. I’m just trying to rely on all the work I’ve done during the year, I know a lot of people didn’t do as much of that and prioritised essays and dissertations (which was probably clever), but I always tried to keep up all the other readings. The exams are on the 10th of May, 11th of May, 26th of May, and 7th of June so now it is really last minute for the first two exams. I guess it’s better late than never!

I have found some old pieces that I did in college and thought I would post some of them. They should still be decent as I spent time and energy on them, plus that I’ve gone through them before posting. Most of them are various stories, book reviews, and so on. I have also gotten some good ideas for future posts as well. :) There are quite a few in Swedish and I will probably post them in the original language unless I have the time and energy to translate them, which is highly unlikely at the moment. The first one is my previous post, a book review on the novel Less Than Zero by Bret Easton Ellis – so check that out!

I also found out that I have a job this summer just outside Göteborg, which is amazing! I don’t know how many hours, at what location, what hours, when to start, and what not. But we were going to keep in touch over email as she needed people and I was interested. So hopefully that will be sorted soon, it is all in her hands though because she has my email but I don’t have hers. Waiting around for an email without any control is so nerve-wracking! But poor attempts at revision might take away the worries about that, and focus it on something much closer at hand for now. Therefore, bed time now and then revision in the library tomorrow – if I can get myself out of the house.


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