// the Blog

A personal blog where I can write about what’s happening in my life for all my friends and family to see, especially when it is difficult to be in touch on a regular basis through email, skype or phone. I tend to write longer posts but with longer intervals, rather than short comments often. Sometimes blogging falls of my radar and I don’t write for ages. Use the categories at the top menu to browse among my posts (these are mainly linked to posts which have a particular topic or discussion within them).

I also hope to write more informative, opinionated, or educational posts about various subjects I like eventually. Admittedly it is easier to write about games, films, series and such. But I also attempt to write about political subjects and other things close to my heart when I find the time and a proper way to discuss it in a blog post. If you have any requests you can leave a comment or drop me a message and I might be able to address your issue, or write a review about a particular game or film that I’ve tried or seen.


// the Author

Name: Julia “Jo” Ansved
Age: 25
Location: Stockholm, Sweden
Previous locations of residence: Kalmar, Sweden; Göteborg, Sweden; Canterbury, England; Växjö, Sweden
Occupation: Student, Volunteer, Child Care Assistant, Assistant Nurse, soon-to-be-nurse!
Currently studying: Bachelor programme in Nursing
Previous studies: Master of Science in Peace and Development Work; Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Politics and International Relations; The Technology Programme at College
Future plans and wishes: Work with development work and/or disaster relief work, learn Spanish, travel around in Asia, go to space!
Favourite music: Little bit of everything; Poets of the Fall, Nickelback, Taylor Swift, Within Temptation, Lady Antebellum, Dead by April, Josh Groban, Sonata Arctica, Nightwish, Smile Empty Soul, Classical music, Game/Film Soundtracks
Favourite films: War stories, Romance, Chick flicks, Classics; Hotel Rwanda, Finding Neverland, Mulan: Legendary Warrior, BBC’s Pride and Prejudice & Sense and Sensibility, Harry Potter, Twilight, The Pianist, Australia, Cold Mountain, A Walk in the Clouds, Moulin Rogue, The Green Mile, Shawshank Redemption, Lord of the Rings, Disney and the like
Favourite games: Mass Effect I, II, III; Warhammer 40k: Dawn of War; Dota 2; Left 4 Dead 2; Anno 2070; The Sims; Starcraft II; Fable I, III; Assassin’s Creed series; Elder Scrolls: Morrowind, Oblivion, Skyrim; Heavy Rain; Final Fantasy X, X-II
Consol of Choice: PC

// categories

Politics/History: In this category you can read about certain political or historical problems or topics. I am not necessarily interested in many “conventional” political issues and don’t really follow national debates that closely. I have covered some of the elections here, and hope to write more on peace and development work in the near future. Particular interests are: wars and conflict, poverty and inequality, global health, foreign policy, development and similar.

Media: This catergory is there for posts about movies, films, any particular news that fit poorly in other categories but also news articles or debates about media in general.

Games/Technology: This is my favourite category in my spare-time as I am a big nerd especially concerning computer games and various technology. Here I talk about coming or current topics, or post description, review, or personal opinion of games and technology-related discussions.

Reading: Book reviews, general rants or discussions about particular books or magazines. Join in!

Nursing/Health: One of my particular interest and more so since becoming a nursing student. Global health debates have also long been a topic that I care about. Under this category you are likely to see posts about Malaria, AIDS/HIV, Tuberculosis, general health concepts, and other ill-health issues that should be addressed!